Evo Quartz Coating Pro 9H

The best way I can describe the results is to think of clear nail polish after you apply it. How shiny your nails look. That's how shiny my car looks, it's absolutely breath taking. Overall, the results are well worth the price. I'm now grinning ear to ear, as one should when you buy a new car. All three things are there now. The new car Smell, the roar of a big engine (Hellcat) and the very very shiny paint. I would highly recommend their products and their services. Request an Appointment Today!


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Since 1990 Gloss-It Detail Studio and Gloss-It Automotive Detailing Products have catered to the luxury, exotic and show car market.   Gloss-It Auto Detailing Studio has become the premier paint correction facility and auto detailing studio  in Las Vegas, NV.

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