February 26th, 2023

On this edition of the weekly buff were happy to show off a beautiful BMW M5 Competition. It boasts a 4.4L BMW twinturbo V8 engine.

On this edition of the weekly buff were happy to show off a beautiful BMW M5 Competition. It boasts a 4.4L BMW twinturbo V8 engine. It puts out 617Hp and 553 ft-lb torque and 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. The owner brought it in for Paint correction, PPF protection and Ceramic Coating. now this is an amazing sedan that we are considering adding to the GLOSS IT Garage as we already have the Dinan M5 that we love driving as well.

We started with a full decontamination wash with our EVO PRO Shampoo along with green clay bars to remove anything abrasive that may be stuck on the paint. We also use our EVO Pro Wheel Gel to clean the wheels and barrels to remove metal particles and contaminants from driving and brake dust. Once we completed prep we moved on to Correction. For the paint correction on this vehicle the paint was surprisingly good besides a few small scratches. All we needed was a 1 step paint correction Josh performed the entire correction process with our EVO 21 polisher a yellow foam pad, and our EVO 2000 finishing polish to leave the entire finish flawless from top to bottom.

Once the correction was complete we moved over to the PPF department where Max had already taken some time to cut out the patterns that were on core for the vehicle, so he could be ready to begin. We scheduled a full nose install on this M5, which means that the bumper, fenders, headlights, mirrors, and hood are all getting protected. We will also PPF the rockers, and the roof as the customer requested as it is entirely Carbon Fiber.

Once Max was finished with the PPF we moved on to the final step where we apply a full array of our GLOSS IT Ceramic Coatings to all the surfaces on the vehicle. Josh, JR, and Marcus began with EVO Pro 9H ceramic coating on all the paint finish that wasnt protected in PPF providing up to 8 years of protection with 2 layers applied. We applied our EVO PPF & VINYL Ceramic Coating to the hood, along with all the areas where PPF as applied to not only provide scratch protection, but also to prevent the yellowing of the PPF glue. We also applied our EVO PRO Wheel & Caliper coating to prevent brake dust, and other abrasives from sticking to the wheels while driving making them immensely easier to clean We did this with an airgun and did the face and barrel of each wheel as well as each caliper individually protecting them for up to 1 year.

The customer loved the outcome and especially loved the fact that the PPF was installed seamlessly and could not be seen if you didnt know it was there. He also loved the tint especially with summer coming up it gets hot in Las Vegas. If there are any vehicles you want to see make sure to drop a comment, like, and subscribe, to our channel. SCHEDULE YOUR VEHICLE WITH US AT GLOSSITDETAILSTUDIO.COM