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Our Interior Detail Treatment use a methodical interior detailing process and premium Gloss-It products. You will love your car's interior and the natural leather smell will give you that fresh-from-the-showroom-floor flashback. Request an Appointment Today!

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Our  Gloss-It Interior Detail Treatment Options are designed to meticulously clean and detail all automotive  interior surfaces exclusively with premium Gloss-It Interior Detailing Products. This is recommended as a twice a year treatment for vehicles used on a daily basis. Keeping your leather upholstery and vinyl surfaces clean and well nourished is an important step in protecting against the harsh weather elements.

Our Level 1 and 2 Interior Detailing Services are comprehensive and our detail staff is experienced with the exquisite and delicate surfaces featured on most luxury and exotic cars. It is important to use the correct Gloss-It Detail Products to maintain the factory finish and we use only the finest.  All Gloss-It Detail  Products are personally crafted and designed by Rich Light, the CEO and founder of Granite Auto Grooming and Gloss-It Automotive Detailing Products in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Interior
    Level 1

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    This basic treatment includes cleaning carpet, upholstery, windows, floor mats, dashboard and center console.

    • Daily drivers
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  • Interior
    Level 2

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    Our Automotive Interior Detail includes deeper cleaning, stain and scuff removal, leather treatment and trim polishing.

    • New, luxury and exotic cars
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Additional charges for larger vehicles (i.e. Tahoes, Minivans, etc.), pet hair, tree sap, heavy smoke residue/odor, heavy road tar, vinyl roofs, wet sanding, heavy scratches, hard water spots, swirl marks, wax buildup or oxidation.

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Customer Testimonials

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This car is 4 years old and looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor , only better. amazing.

Kirk Doughan
2005 Black Corvette

Thanks Rich for making my Ferrari GTO look great for the Concourso Italiano show in Monterey. Two years and two awards The car really shined and was a hit with the judges and the public. The Gloss-It Product makes all the difference!!

Paul Hesselgesser
1985 Red 288 GTO

Rich, all I can say is WOW!! The paint restoration work done took out all the car wash swirls and light scratchs. The car looks better than new. The Clear Shield Paint Protection is pefect and covers the entire hood and front fender. You can even see it on. Finally your new product to care for the leather from your Gloss-It appearence products. Its better than anything I have seen or used. Plus it gives it that new leather scent. Thanks again for the great job you and your team did.

Don Cramer
Ferrari F355 GTS

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