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Our Complete Exterior Enhancement Detail include a comprehensive washing, clay decontamination and polishing process using premium Gloss-It Detail products. There is no better experience then driving down the road feeling like the day you bought your car. Request an Appointment Today!

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We recommend Level 1 and 2 Gloss-It Exterior Detail Treatments every three to four months depending on if you are a daily driver or serious car enthusiast. These detail services are our ideal for customers looking for high quality but also have a budget in mind.

These detailing services are the ideal application for enhancing and improving the vehicle’s protection during the course of the year. For customers looking for a much deeper gloss and extended durability we highly recommend our exclusive Gloss-It High Gloss Finish Detail or Gloss-It Signature Treatment Finish Detail which include our 6 to 12 month Gloss-It Guarantee.

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    Level 1

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    Entry level detail that includes a 15 step wash process, polishing and conditioning with the best Gloss-It Premium Wax.

    • Daily Drivers
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    Level 2

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    Level II Exterior Detail | 20 step wash procedure, clay bar treatment and carnauba wax for durability and enhancement. Gloss-It Premium Polishes and Protectants.

    • Serious car enthusiasts
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I own a Black 2008 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster that I purchased from an individual in CA. The prior owner used it as a daily driver and I suspect he drove it through a few car washing facilities. However, it happened, the car was covered in small swirl marks and minor scratches. I had the car detailed a couple of years ago and it improved the appearance greatly, but the car still had faint swirl mars that were very obvious in the sunlight. Over the last few years it had gotten worse as a result of washing etc. I attend the Cars and Coffee meet every Sat morning, and I met a Jag owner there who owns many cars. He told me that he had tried numerous detailer's but never found anyone that came close to Gloss-It Detail Studio, owned by Rich Light, and utilizing the Gloss-It products. I contacted Rich, agreed on a price, and they spent 3 days working on my car. I picked up the car yesterday, and the results are nothing less than spectacular. I doubt the car looked as good when the previous owner picked it up from the dealer. Every, and I mean every, swirl mark and paint imperfection was gone. The paint looks deep and rich with an almost wet appearance. Rich and his people really know their business. You can tell from their reaction when they go over the car with you that they are proud of the work and results they get. Rich told me that keeping the car clean will be much easier with the Gloss-it treatment on the paint. If you are into your car and want perfection, Rich is the guy to see. His process is not cheap, and if you had the standard detail before you may experience sticker shock when he gives you a quote. However, you get what you pay for, and having gone both routes, in my opinion the extra cost is well worth the result you get.

Al Lindahl
2008 Aston Martin Vantage Roadste

I have been told that I am probably the most anal retentive person that they know when it comes to my cars and I admittedly am but I absolutely had no hesitation leaving my 335i at Gloss-It to have clear shield, ceramic window tinting and Gloss It applied to my new beemer. They did an impeccable job on my car and I am very appreciative of the care they gave to the installation.

Kay Ikoma
2007 Black BMW 335i

Rich and his team do an excellent job of detailing and maintaining the condition of my car. I highly recommend gloss it finish and the leather protection service.

Martha Ferguson
2002 Lexus SC 430

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