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Paint Correction

Gloss-It Detail Studio in Las Vegas, NV has perfected the art of polishing automotive finishes since 1990. Our specialty has become luxury, exotic and show cars because of our understanding of the type of paint imperfections found on most common cars. The paint correction process is much more than applying car wax to fill in scratches – it involves careful removal of contaminants, polishing of the paint to level the surface and applying long-term paint protection.

Who needs paint correction? Anyone that has noticed his or her car finish has a dull, scratched, oxidized, orange peel, water spotted or swirled appearance. In most cases, Gloss-It Detail Studio can correct a vehicle’s finish to better than new condition. Our paint correction detailing services are the best alternative to having a visit a body shop for repaint and is perfect for cars that could lose value if repainted. The Gloss-It paint correction process will help maintain the full value of the vehicle.

A few of the most common imperfections include water spots, deep scratches, micro-scratches and swirls.

90% percent of a great paint finish is in polishing and correction.

Step 1 – Repair

Removing surface contaminants is the first step in the repair process. The vehicle’s finish is washed then receieves a clay bar treatment. Many believe a car is clean after a wash, but it is the clay bar that removes the contaminants that interfere with the paint’s appearance. Not only does the clay bar make the surface look better, but also makes sure there are no particles present when moving to the later stages of sanding, buffing and polishing.

The car isn’t clean until a clay bar treatment picks removes contaminants.

After careful inspection of the paintwork for imperfections, we start the process of leveling the paint surface by no less then 1000th of an inch up to 1 mil. paint depth removal. This is a process that goes beyond the standard buffing to remove deeper scratches, orange peel and other surface imperfections. Gloss-It cutting polish products are used in multiple steps to remove, not hide, all problems with the clear coat that hamper the ability of light to be directly reflected. It is this step that creates a true mirror-like finish. It leaves the paint 75% – 80% free of imperfections and ready for step 2 – finish polishing.

Paint thickness is measured as a safety precaution before scratches and imperfections are removed.

Step 2 – Restore

This is the step that takes a great, level surface and makes it perfect. Oftentimes, full paint correction will require multiple stages of polishing with smaller scratches being removed in each progressive step until the surface is perfectly smooth.

Once the vehicle paintwork has been re-leveled and all imperfections removed you will notice light reflects with a sharpness and brilliance much like a diamond that has been perfectly cut and polished, leaving no imperfections and the color of the vehicle greatly enhanced. The ultimate goal is to bring out the paint on a level that almost appears surreal and has the warmth and look of a smooth pool of wet paint laying on the surface.

Step 3 – Protect

The final step is protecting the paint finish from harsh weather elements, fallout contamination, harmful UV Rays as well as help prevent and reduce future marring/scratching. We only use exclusive Gloss-It protective treatments products that are designed to have the ultimate depth and clarity of the most expensive carnauba paste waxes but are polymer-based to provide the best protection for extended periods of time and maintain the highest level of gloss retention. This protective sealer bonds with the clear coat and continues to protect through continued washing and harsh weather.

Gloss-It offers two Exclusive Paint Finish Coatings:

Exclusive High-Gloss Coating

This was the first 6 month paint protection coating we offered more than 13 years ago and has been the choice of over 90% percent of our loyal customer base. This coating is ideal for maintaining gloss retention and a wet, deep gloss that has you looking to admire you car every time you park and walk away – admiring the finish with a big smile.

6 month Gloss-It guarantee! Recommended for: Luxury & exotic vehicles.

High-Gloss Coating: great look, long protection.

Exclusive Signature Gloss Coating

We wanted to offer a coating that could last longer, look like a deep pool of wet paint, have a warmth, shimmer and color enhancement that looks almost surreal when applied and offers at least 12 to 14 month durability in any climate. This coating was designed with Gloss-It and Rich Light to be the ultimate in paint protection. Pictures do no justice and words cannot describe what this looks like in person.

12 month Gloss-It guarantee! Recommend for: The true car enthusiast wanting the very best!

Signature Gloss Coating: the very best finish, one year protection.

Please note: the protection step is not included in the hourly paint correction. High-Gloss and Signature Finish Coating additional charge will apply. – See more at:

Pricing Structure

Gloss-It Detail Studio will analyze the finish with a paint correction demo to assess and give options of paint correction varying from 60% to 95% imperfection removal.

The cost for paint correction will vary depending on the size, condition, and the level of correction that fits your expectations and budget. Our hourly studio rate is $89 per hour per man, which includes labor and material.

A 50% percent deposit is required to reserve a paint correction appointment in order to book the man hours to complete. A three day cancellation notice is needed to refund any deposits and must be in writing or by email.

Price will also vary based on final protection choice, expectations and budget.

When making an appointment online, please be sure to include four images of you car that clearly show the imperfections that bother you. This will help us know what paint correction options are needed and what your expectations are.