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Gloss It remains innovative by providing you with an excellent car care experience. We utilize the highest quality paint assessment digital gauges, infrared thermal curing lamps, digital microscope systems, pneumatic powered tools, paint refinement machines as well as eco-friendly and VOC-compliant chemicals. We guarantee flawless work before we deliver your vehicle and ensure that there are no imperfections.

Peace of Mind

Our studio is monitored 24/7 and we are fully insured, licensed and certified.
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We strive to use cutting edge methods and products to ensure that our detailing services remain top of the line.
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Goodbye Imperfections

With over a decade of continuous training, our process continues to exceed our competitor’s work. We continue to produce high quality Paint Correction services that you can’t find anywhere else. Rather than simply filling in the scratches by using second-rate polishes and waxes to hide the scratches, we permanently remove them. Most of the time, we have to fix work that was done incorrectly by unskilled buffer operators from other detailers, body shops, manufacturers, and dealership prep departments.

For unmatched quality, let Gloss It provide you with outstanding paint correction services that reveal your vehicles exterior paint’s true potential through our safe, innovative and spot-on polishing techniques.

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20 Years +
in the detailing industry.

Our team works closely with leading Companies and Brands.

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