Gloss-It Detail Studio is the official Corp detail and correction studio for Gloss-It Automotive Appearance Products. Since 1990, we have catered to the exclusive market of luxury, classic, exotic car market. We are the premier paint correction and detail studio in Las Vegas, NV.

About Us

Hello, I’m Rich Light, owner of Gloss-It Detail Studio and founder of Gloss-It Automotive Detailing Products. I would like to personally thank you for stopping by and visiting our website. Since 1990 we have catered to the exclusive market for luxury, exotic, classic and super-car owners. We are the premier paint correction facility & detail studio in Las Vegas, NV. Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have helped us grow over the years!

We have made it easier than ever for you to decide on what treatment package fits your expectation and price point. We will maintain the best quality and customer service available for you and your vehicle. This site was developed as the launching platform for Authorized Gloss-it Detail Studios nation and world-wide in every major city within the next 5 years.

Please be sure to visit our Customer Ggallery which showcases our clients vehicles and will walk you through each step of the detailing process from beginning to end in final detail. We have taken the time to demonstrate how comprehensive our treatment packages are and the attention to detail and list all the products used from Gloss-It to restore your vehicle to better then factory condition.

Please fell free to email or call with any questions. Or for your convenience, make your appointment online. I look forward to your first detail experience with Gloss-It Detail Studio.

Rich Light
Owner / Founder / Chief Detailer

Phone: (702)252-4000

Address: 5032 W. Post Road
Las Vegas NV 89118
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