January 25th, 2023

On this edition of the weekly buff we have a special car in shop. It is a 2020 Bentley Bentayga originally ordered and owned by Michael Jordan.

On this edition of the weekly buff we have a special car in shop. It is a 2020 Bentley Bentayga originally ordered and owned by Michael Jordan. It has made its way to a new owner here in Las Vegas, and it had seen better days to say the least. The new owner decided he wanted to powder coat the wheels a new fresh coat of black along with a three step paint correction to bring it back to showroom quality, and protecting it for years to come with our full line of products.

The first thing we did was a comprehensive prep wash along with claybar decontamination to remove all abrasive materials that may be stuck onto the paint finish before we start to polish. If we didn’t perform this step we run the risk of adding additional damage to the paint while we try to remove what is already visible. Once the crew finished this and made sure it was ready for polishing and cutting we moved it over in the shop so that Josh, Marcus, and JR could start the paint correction on it.

The beginning stages of the paint we had were less than ideal and had insane amounts of swirlmarks, and other damage visible from years of driving, but the crew started with our EVO 800 Heavy Cut polish along with a wool pad to begin removing the deep imperfections. The second step was our EVO 2000 along with a microfiber pad to remove marring and the final step was our EVO 3000 cut finishing polish along with a foam pad to polish to perfection leaving no scratches, not a single visible mark on the paint finish.

The next step was for our crew to apply a full array of our ceramic coating products to protect the finish for years to come. we applied our Wheel & Caliper coating to the calipers, and to the freshly powder coated wheels that looked amazing in their new black finish. We applied our 5H quartz Ceramic Coating providing long lasting protection that will allow for ease of cleaning and prevent sun damage and damage from the elements from driving daily. We also applied our Plastic Renew & Protect to the entire trim that will provide a deep black wet shine that will last for years to come and wont whiten over time like other products on the market.

This is definitely one project we loved working on, and we loved the final results. The owner was more than happy once he picked up the Bentayga to see how it looked better than brand new. He had never gotten to see this vehicle in all its glory as it hadnt been new when he purchased it. We left him speechless and happier than when he purchased it. make sure to subscribe to our channel leave a comment and hit that like button. If there is anything you want to see from us in the future feel free to let us know and schedule your vehicle with us today at GLOSSITDETAILSTUDIO.COM