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The Gloss-It EVO Quartz paint protection system features the newest glass coating technology, providing scratch and water spot resistance. It provides a perfect shine and unbeatable warranty: up to 4 years or 60,000 miles. Request an Appointment Today!

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Ceramic Coatings

Evo Quartz Coating is the most durable coating in our line of products and around the world. It features Nano-Ceramic Particles that interlock together creating a barrier on top of your clear coat. Evo Quartz Coating is chemically engineered to have the most solids per volume than any other ceramic coating on the market. On top of being scratch resistant, it will create a hydrophobic barrier to protect your paint from any harsh elements. We have 3 different versions available, the only difference being the solid content which affects the durability. All versions contain the same amount of gloss retention and enhancers to maximize the shine of your vehicle.

  5H 7H Pro 9H
Warranty Up To 2 Years
30,000 Miles
Up To 3 Years
40,000 Miles
Up To 4 Years
60,000 Miles
Coats 2 2 2
Car $1,250 $1,650 $1,975
SUV/Truck $1,500 $1,850 $2,400
Benefits Good protection, color enhancing properties, gloss appearance, hydrophobic formula Better protection, candy like gloss appearance, and advanced scratch resistance Best protection.
Best color enhancement.
Best, deep gloss.
Best scratch resistance.

Evo Quartz Coating 5H

Evo Quartz Coating 7H

Evo Quartz Coating Pro 9H

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Customer Testimonials

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Overall the results are well worth the price. I am now grinning ear to ear, as one should when you buy a new car. All three things are there now. The new car Smell, the roar of a big engine (Hellcat) and the very very Shiny paint. I would highly recommend their products and their service. Drove the car back to the hotel. Valet was like what the heck did you do to your car, is shiny as hell. Told him where I did it. He was like I'm going there next time. Great Job Rich or how I decided to call him. The Walter White of detailing chemicals.

Rafael S.
2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Rich and his Gloss-It crew did an excellent job on restoring the paint on my Countach I would not let any one else touch it. Only Gloss-It Detail Stuido. They also did a great job applying clear shield paint protection to prevent against rock chip damage.

Mark Levine
Black 1986 Lamborghini Countach

It has been two weeks since the crew at Gloss-It Detail Stuido worked their magic and I wish I had a dime for everytime all kinds of people have carried on about how incredible the car looks. For the first time since I have been driving this car, people I don't even know honk at me on the road and give a thumbs up and holler about how beautiful she is. The original teal color paint on my coupe had some serious oxidation and swril marks. In less than 24 hours I went to pick it up and was simply astounded. She looked as if she had just been painted. I bought this car new 23 years ago and I promise you, she looked as beautiful as the day I picked her up from the dealer. Worth every cent If your vehicle deserves the very best available - then Gloss-It is the ONLY choice

Pat Roach
1984 Teal 380SL Mercedes

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