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Our Exterior Enhancement Detail Treatments include a comprehensive washing, clay decontamination and polishing process using premium Gloss-It Detail Products. There is no better experience then driving down the road feeling like the day you bought your car. Request an Appointment Today!

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We recommend Level 1 and 2 Gloss-It Exterior Enhancement Detail Treatments every three to four months depending on if you are a daily driver or serious car enthusiast. These exterior detail treatments are our ideal for customers looking for high quality but also have a budget in mind.

These services are the ideal application for enhancing and improving the vehicle’s protection during the course of the year. For customers looking for a much deeper gloss and extended durability we highly recommend our exclusive Gloss-It High Gloss Finish Detail or Gloss-It Signature Detail Finish Treatment which include our 6 to 12 month Gloss-It Guarantee.

  • Exterior
    Level 1

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    Entry level treatment that includes a 15 step wash process, polishing and conditioning with the best Gloss-It premium wax.

    • Daily Drivers
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  • Exterior
    Level 2

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    20 step wash procedure, clay bar treatment and carnauba wax for durability and enhancement. Gloss-It premium polishes and conditioners.

    • Serious car enthusiasts
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Additional charges for larger vehicles (i.e. Tahoes, Minivans, etc.), pet hair, tree sap, heavy smoke residue/odor, heavy road tar, vinyl roofs, wet sanding, heavy scratches, hard water spots, swirl marks, wax buildup or oxidation.

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Customer Testimonials

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This car is 4 years old and looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor , only better. amazing.

Kirk Doughan
2005 Black Corvette

It's not often you get the opportunity to be really impressed, but Rich and team at Gloss-It Detail Studio took me by surprise. From the very first visit, to subsequent follow-up telephone calls to the actual appointment day, the service was seamless, professional and right on. What arrived at Gloss-It Detail Studio was a Lexus that was oversprayed with a commercial epoxy paint, that was detailed and buffed by inexperienced detailers in a parking lot hired by the painters insurance company, not only did they not remove the paint but left a dull finish with swirl marks clearly all over the car. After Rich and team did their magic, they gave back to me a Lexus that looked better than the day it was delivered off the showroom floor For that I am eternally grateful If you want perfection look no further.

Roger Seaholm
2005 Blk Lexus Es330

Thanks Rich for making my Ferrari GTO look great for the Concourso Italiano show in Monterey. Two years and two awards The car really shined and was a hit with the judges and the public. The Gloss-It Product makes all the difference!!

Paul Hesselgesser
1985 Red 288 GTO

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