of swirls - erased!

"Rich and the guys at Granite were able to get my car looking better than the day I bought it. They were even able to get rid of scratches I thought were permanent."
- Craig, Las Vegas

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Our Gloss It Client , TL Johnson gives our EVO Pro9H Ceramic Coating a RAVING review! He says his Boxer GTS looks better than when he first got the car! See it for yourself! Get these results on your car! (Link in Bio) or for FB (or studio IG)

Boxer GTS

Overall the results are well worth the price. I am now grinning ear to ear, as one should when you buy a new car. All three things are there now. The new car Smell, the roar of a big engine (Hellcat) and the very very Shiny paint. I would highly recommend their products and their service. Drove the car back to the hotel. Valet was like what the heck did you do to your car, is shiny as hell. Told him where I did it. He was like I'm going there next time. Great Job Rich or how I decided to call him. The Walter White of detailing chemicals.

Rafael S.
2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

I own a Black 2008 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster that I purchased from an individual in CA. The prior owner used it as a daily driver and I suspect he drove it through a few car washing facilities. However, it happened, the car was covered in small swirl marks and minor scratches. I had the car detailed a couple of years ago and it improved the appearance greatly, but the car still had faint swirl mars that were very obvious in the sunlight. Over the last few years it had gotten worse as a result of washing etc. I attend the Cars and Coffee meet every Sat morning, and I met a Jag owner there who owns many cars. He told me that he had tried numerous detailer's but never found anyone that came close to Gloss-It Detail Studio, owned by Rich Light, and utilizing the Gloss-It products. I contacted Rich, agreed on a price, and they spent 3 days working on my car. I picked up the car yesterday, and the results are nothing less than spectacular. I doubt the car looked as good when the previous owner picked it up from the dealer. Every, and I mean every, swirl mark and paint imperfection was gone. The paint looks deep and rich with an almost wet appearance. Rich and his people really know their business. You can tell from their reaction when they go over the car with you that they are proud of the work and results they get. Rich told me that keeping the car clean will be much easier with the Gloss-it treatment on the paint. If you are into your car and want perfection, Rich is the guy to see. His process is not cheap, and if you had the standard detail before you may experience sticker shock when he gives you a quote. However, you get what you pay for, and having gone both routes, in my opinion the extra cost is well worth the result you get.

Al Lindahl
2008 Aston Martin Vantage Roadste

Rich has applied his paint correction magic to both my Jaguars. My 2011 Jaguar XJL had lots of small scratches on it even brand new. Rich's team made it look better than the day I took delivery and they did that one year after the fact. My 2012 Jag XK convertible is black and came full of light swirl marks. Rich's guys applied masterful paint correction and now my black Jag is also better than when I took delivery. Rich isn't the cheapest guy in town but he is the best - and don't forget to buy some of those special towells and GlossIt from him so you can keep the car looking great after he's done with it!

Scott Bourne
2011 Jaguar XJL

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