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Gloss-It launched in 2007 to educate the car enthusiast how to detail like a pro. We have expanded our program to include instruction for professional detailers looking to improve their skills.

About Gloss-It University

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Gloss-It has been in the detailing & paint correction business since 1990 and started with our sister company Gloss-It Detail Studio, who is also responsible for gloss-it training, research & development. Gloss-It Detail Studio was started by one professional detailer 22 years ago; Rich Light Founder chief detailer and CEO of Both Gloss-It Auto Detailing Studio & Gloss-It Appearance Products. Rich has always strive for the “perfect detail & vehicle enhancement finish” which lead to the launch of Gloss-it.

Gloss-It University was launched in 2007 to help teach and educate the car/detailing enthusiast how to detail like a pro. We have also created an advance class for the professional detailer’s looking to increase business and perfect the “art of paint correction & polishing”

Our classes will range from 1 to 4 days and will accommodate the beginner to intermediate who would like to learn the basic’s of detailing & how to use a variety of dual action machine polishers. We also offer the advanced 4 day for the Approved gloss-it “Signature Class” detailer. This class is ideal for the detail shop operator or mobile detailer that would like to take there business to the next level in marketing, more up scale clientele, and how to perfect the art of paint restoration.

*Each Graduate will receive a Gloss-it Graduate University T shirt along with gloss-it certificate for your training class.

Gloss-it is quickly becoming a respected detailing product range world wide and offer’s the highest quality detailing products and solutions and is always evolving in new detail product technology.

Our training classes our held at Gloss-It Detail Studio the official training class facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please be sure to submit your inquiry by filling out the online application.  Please select the training class that you would like to attend. One of our detailing instructors will be sure to email or phone you with a date and time of the next class.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the next detailing class.


Rich Light CEO / Chief Detailer