HAN 2012 Reno, Nevada – Gloss-It

Gloss-It News: August 15th, 2012

HAN 2012 Reno, Nevada – Gloss-It

Posted on August 15th, 2012

August 7th, 2012

Hot August Nights Car show is held every year In Reno, Nevada for the past 26 years. This annual show attracts thousands of Hot Rod car enthusiast from around the country and world who are madly in love with there classic Hot Rod and Classic cars. Gloss-It Detail Studio is the official detail studio for Gloss-it Appearance Products and setup shop in the Gloss-it Vendor booth located at the Grand Sierra Resort.

Monday August 6th / Day before show starts Gloss-it booth & detail studio are setup.


Tuesday August 7th , First day of the show starts!

Gloss-it Detail Kits displays were step this year to help make the gloss-it buying experience much easier for people to find the right products for there vehicles.

The Gloss-it Detail staff started out busy with the first detail of the day on this mint condition Chevy 57′ Bel Air Wagon. Received our exclusive High Gloss Paint Treatment


The gloss-it booth was packed with excited customers wanting to learn more about the gloss-it products & the live demo’s attracted customers like bee’s to honey once they heard the noise of the polishers start up.


August 9th, Another busy day at the event. Very hot!! 106F

The crew was getting pretty hot this year as this has been the hottest HAN in 15 years. We battled through the heat and started out the day with a 95% Full Correction on this one of a kind 37 custom Purple ford that had many of the common swirl-marks and scratch’s from bad towels and wiping. We performed a gloss-it paint correction demo per the customer request and then proceed to spend over 45 plus man hours to bring back this purple beauty to a better then factory looking condition paint job.





August 10th, Another Hot 104F day but already customer coming in for Paint Correction , Detail work and product purchasing.

The First day of the day was a rare 56′ Chrysler Imperial which is won the “best of show at Mopar” event in Vegas this year. The paint finish was over 15 years old and needed my attention and was left for a day for the Gloss-it detail staff to restore to better then showroom condition. 90% plus Paint Correction was performed using Gloss-it Paint Correction system. The Detail crew spent over 55 man hours to repair the severe swirl-marks & scratches. The paint surface was very hard and time consuming to remove the paint imperfections.






The Gloss-it Detail Crew took a lot of pride in correcting the finish on this very rare classic. Here is a picture of the official Detail Staff HAN2012 with the vehicle and the owners.

August 11th Last Day of HAN 2012

The last day was a very busy and successful day. We enjoyed seeing our old friends from previous years and meeting new Gloss-It Fans. HAN is a fun and friendly show of car enthusiast who share a common thread who have love for cars and the way to make them GLOSS~ We at the Gloss-It team and detail staff look forward to HAN2013. Enjoy the remaining HAN2012 Images.