Jay Leno’s Big Dawg Garage

Gloss-It News: March 4th, 2012

Jay Leno’s Big Dawg Garage

Posted on March 4th, 2012

February 4th, 2012. I received a phone call from Shawn Lisjack owner of Exotic Engravings and a good friend from the luxury4play community. Shawn has complete some killer exotic engravings for Jay and has a great relationship with the whole crew. Shawn explained that he has been talking with the guys from Jay’s Garage / Big Dawg about gloss-it detail products and asked Bernard the manager of Big Dawg Garage if he would be interested in having me come out and Demo the gloss-it detail products at the Burbank facility. We set a date for the end of February beginning of March with Bernard and Shawn from Exotic Engravings. So on Thursday night March 29th I drove out from Vegas to Burbank with Ms Gloss (Jessica Miller) to Jay Leno’s Garage Location in Burbank, California . I feel very lucky I was given the privilege and opportunity from Bernard the manager of Big Dawg Garage who has invited me to demo the gloss-it products with his talented crew on his 66′ galaxie with a nasty 7.1 litre engine accompanied by Per Blixt the official Body Man and painter.

1st Day Jay’s garage / March 30th

We arrived at the shop about 9am and was greeted by Shawn at the gate to let Ms Gloss and I into the Garage. I have to say I was excited and a little nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I walked into the garage and was greeted by Derek the detailer who was German with an heavy accent but very friendly. We started to discuss what detail products he was currently using and then asked what detail task they were having issue’s with and start from here to help them out and build some confidence with the gloss-it detail products. Derek the official detailer of Jay’s garage wanted to start out testing gloss-it products with a old steam car, yeah runs a water no gasoline (pretty cool). The vehicle had a ton of Brass that quickly oxidizes and must be polished and sealed every 4 to 6 weeks. As you see in the pictures we start to use some of the gloss-it One Step Machine Polish to cut & polish the Brass to remove lite oxidation. The Brass came out great and Gloss-it Gloss Finish was applied to seal and prevent future oxidation.


Next up / 2nd Test.. 66′ Galaxie

This rare 66′ Galaxie had some paint issues on the hood that were difficult to remove and required some DA sanding with fine 3m 1500 grit paper. Per Blixt, Painter and body man for Jay’s Garage of 15 years watched on as he learn the Gloss-it Evolution Paint Correction process with step’s used with DA Sander along with Gloss-it Correction polishes, wool and foam pads. Gloss-it extreme cut. 5.75 Grey heavy cut wool was used to level and remove the sanding scratch’s


As you see in the pictures below I take a Paint Gauge measurement (32.2 mil plenty of paint) before I start DA sanding the imperfections to insure there is enough paint to sand. Next step was to Cut polish with with our new Xtreme Cut Plus with Heavy cut grey Grey 5.75 to remove the 1500 sanding scratch’s.


So after a test area is completed Per Blixt the painter want to have a GO at using the Gloss-it Cutting Polishes.


Per takes a close look at the paint finish after completing the first step of gloss-it heavy cut polishing making sure that all paint imperfections are removed and no residual sanding marks or pig tails remain. As you can see in the image above ( 2nd row last image) we use a high intensity light to insure that the surface is full blemish free. Per gives a thumbs up~


So next Per Blixt takes us on a tour of the garage showing us the work space where they create all the full restorations and make the magic happen. I have to say this work space was huge and amazing to say the least. Jay & Bernard have hand picked some of the best guys to help restore these classic& exotic vehciles to original factory condition. Jay’s rule: Each car in his collection has to run and drive or he will not keep the vehicle in the collection. That’s pretty cool~


Per Blixt show us his old Chrysler Imperial he has been fully restoring for over a couple years and getting ready to ship back to Sweden his home country where is perfected the art of painting & body work.


Per Blixt gives us a tour of his painting facility and state of the art spray booth . Very clean and excellent lighting as you can see. Per has a great personality, he was pleasure to meet and work with for this 2 day trip.


Next it was time to take a tour and test some gloss-it detail products in the main showroom where Jay’s cars are all displayed for viewing to personal friends and guest. Derek the detail Guy walked me around the garage showing me the constant dust issue they have and how each car must be wiped down daily. The World Famous Gloss-it / Gloss Enhancer quick detailer was compared to another popular quick detailer they preferred. Time to put gloss-it to the test!!!

Next up on board 49′ Hudson Hornet to dust and wipe down. The Yellow Gloss-it Ultra Plush Towel was used to take off the heavy layer of dust then Gloss-it Gloss Enhancer quick detailer with Blue Gloss-it Ultra plush Micro Fiber Towel.