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Our experience, research and development has made Gloss-It Detail Studio a leading expert in repairing the damage caused by the elements and poor paint care. Like polishing a diamond, our process removes imperfections and smooths the surface for a mirror-like finish. Request an Appointment Today!

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Gloss-It Detail Studio in Las Vegas, NV has perfected the Art of Polishing Automotive Finishes since 1990. Our specialty has become luxury, exotic and show cars because of our understanding of the type of paint imperfections found on most common cars. The paint correction process is much more than applying car wax to fill in scratches – it involves careful removal of contaminants, polishing of the paint service to level the surface and applying long-term paint protection.

Who Needs Paint Correction? Anyone that has noticed his or her car finish has a dull, scratched, oxidized, orange peel, water spotted or swirled appearance. In most cases, Gloss-It Detail Studio can correct a vehicle’s finish to better than new condition. Our paint correction detailing services are the best alternative to having a visit a body shop for repaint and is perfect for cars that could lose value if repainted. The Gloss-It Paint Correction Process will help maintain the full car value.

Common imperfections include water spots, deep scratches, micro-scratches and swirls.

90% percent of a great paint finish is in polishing and correction.

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Rich has applied his paint correction magic to both my Jaguars. My 2011 Jaguar XJL had lots of small scratches on it even brand new. Rich's team made it look better than the day I took delivery and they did that one year after the fact. My 2012 Jag XK convertible is black and came full of light swirl marks. Rich's guys applied masterful paint correction and now my black Jag is also better than when I took delivery. Rich isn't the cheapest guy in town but he is the best - and don't forget to buy some of those special towells and GlossIt from him so you can keep the car looking great after he's done with it!

Scott Bourne
2011 Jaguar XJL

Rich and his Gloss-It crew did an excellent job on restoring the paint on my Countach I would not let any one else touch it. Only Gloss-It Detail Stuido. They also did a great job applying clear shield paint protection to prevent against rock chip damage.

Mark Levine
Black 1986 Lamborghini Countach

Rich, all I can say is WOW!! The paint restoration work done took out all the car wash swirls and light scratchs. The car looks better than new. The Clear Shield Paint Protection is pefect and covers the entire hood and front fender. You can even see it on. Finally your new product to care for the leather from your Gloss-It appearence products. Its better than anything I have seen or used. Plus it gives it that new leather scent. Thanks again for the great job you and your team did.

Don Cramer
Ferrari F355 GTS

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